Technological advancements in fertility therapy, including low-tech approaches have yielded positive results for those struggling with infertility.

Often, those struggling with infertility look towards so called “high-tech” methods of assisted reproduction, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF), however in many instances, less complicated, “medium-tech” or “low tech” methods can be used to help achieve a successful pregnancy.

Here are some medium/low tech treatment options

  • Aromatase inhibitors, medications like Letrozole (marketed as Femara) are similar to Clomid, a drug that’s been around since the 1960’s. Although Femera has not yet been officially FDA-approved to treat infertility, it is frequently used by clinics and has been shown to triple pregnancy rates while reducing ovarian cysts and the pre-menstrual syndrome-like symptoms associated with Clomid.
  • Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor, a hormone derived from bone marrow boosts white cell counts and also increases the quality of a woman’s eggs when used in conjunction with other treatments.
  • Acupuncture increases the blood flow to the uterus and, when performed around the time embryos are transferred to the uterus, can increase pregnancy rates up to 8 percent.