Achieve Your Goals

When other fertility doctors can’t, the team
at Fertility Treatment Center can.

14 out of 15 chose us for their fertility needs.

At Fertility Treatment Center, we don’t refuse care to patients because of their age, FSH levels, or number of follicles produced each cycle and we don’t push expensive high tech treatments. Many of our patients start by doing lower cost ovulation induction or IUI procedures.

See why patients love us.

From weekend hours and 24-7 medical coverage to convenient onsite diagnostics and doctors with numerous accolades—it’s no wonder our patients refer us to their friends and loved ones time and time again.

We have very high pregnancy rates with a low cost-per-pregnancy.

Dr. Craig’s overall success rate is extremely high, particularly with the over age 35 population, and the overall cost per pregnancy is much lower than other practice models. Dr. Craig believes strongly that every patient deserves a chance at building a family, even at the expense of an artificially depressed IVF success rate.


Fertility Treatment Center Program has  high success with less cost of a typical competitor program.

We recommend the appropriate treatments that will
maximize success while keeping costs low.

Dr. Craig does not push high-tech options such as IVF or Donor Egg onto patients, but instead reviews
all low, medium, and high-tech options, and recommends the appropriate level of treatment to
maximize the chance of pregnancy at the lowest cost. He works with patients at the treatment level
that is most comfortable and affordable for them.

Patients turn to us 14:1 times
for their fertility needs.

Fertility Treatment Center
(FTC) is an infertility
treatment and
reproductive medicine
practice founded in 1990,
by H. Randall Craig, MD,
FACOG. We’re well known
for our extremely high
success rates in infertility
diagnosis and treatment.

All you need is love
and sometimes a little help.


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