Not everybody meets Mr. Right in their twenties. Couple that with career, travel and financial goals, and many women find themselves postponing childbearing to their thirties or forties.

Of course our “biological clock” doesn’t care how our love life is going, and it doesn’t slow down for cultural trends either.

You don’t want to rush things, but you know you want to be a mom one day. What do you do?

Egg freezing is an option for women who want to help preserve their fertility, knowing they may not want to get pregnant until later in life. It gives them the time and flexibility to find the right partner and get pregnant when they feel the time is right, without sacrificing their chances of a healthy pregnancy due to age.

For women approaching early menopause, egg freezing can extend their fertility significantly. A fertility specialist can give you a hormone test to assess your ovarian reserve (the estimated number of eggs left in your ovaries).

Egg freezing is also a way to preserve healthy eggs for women who must undergo cancer treatment or other forms of medical care that can harm or destroy their eggs or ovaries.

The cryopreserved eggs will last indefinitely, and the harvesting procedure is done under sedation with only a day of downtime.

Egg freezing is another way for you to take control of your fertility.

If you feel you might be a candidate for egg freezing, call us for a consultation today.