Unfortunately, in most cases fertility problems won’t resolve themselves with out some type of intervention.  Often times, waiting to seek out treatment may make it more difficult to achieve a successful pregnancy. Take our fertility questionnaire and see if further discussion with Dr, Craig may be the a good next step.  The Fertility Treatment Center will work with you to first uncover and then treat the root causes of your infertility. During the discovery process, we may uncover issues with the female reproductive system that can be easily solved with what are often referred to as “low tech” solutions.

Diagnostic methods such as an HSG x-ray may prove to be the best form of fertility treatment, as blocked tubes can often be quickly unblocked and in many cases women achieve a successful pregnancy in the weeks to follow without any further intervention.  Seeking fertility treatment need not be a scary thing.  Working together we can help identify issues, and provide low, medium and high tech options that fit your individual needs.