Often our blog is directed primarily at couples facing infertility, but this time we want to invite a different audience in as well: potential egg donors. Learning about egg donors, who they are, and how they are chosen may help infertile couples feel more comfortable about choosing donated eggs. At the same time, perhaps some healthy young women will be inspired to make this incredible sacrifice to help create families.

Why are egg donors needed?

For some women facing infertility, their eggs are simply not healthy enough to become fertilized and grow into a baby. These include older women and women whose eggs have been damaged by disease or cancer treatment. Still other women are unable to conceive with their own eggs due to premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve or unknown reasons.

Some couples choose egg donation because of a family history of serious genetic disorders. Gay male couples who want to have a family may also use donated eggs and a surrogate to achieve a pregnancy.

Egg donation is not something to be taken lightly. The process can take time and requires a serious commitment. You will need to have your cycle synched to the recipient and give yourself hormone injections to ripen your eggs. The egg retrieval procedure is done under intravenous sedation.

Egg donors do receive compensation, and donor banks are very selective about their donors. Each donor bank may have its own specific criteria, but most require that the following criteria be met:
Be age 21-32
Be in good health
Be a Non-smoker
Body mass index between 18 and 28
High school graduate
Not have recently travelled to certain areas of the world (related to ZIKA virus)
Be psychologically prepared

The donated eggs are used in IVF procedures. If you are receiving donated eggs, you will likely choose your donor based on anonymous donor profiles. Typically, donors and recipient families remain completely anonymous. Egg donors have to be comfortable with the idea that they will not know the children that their eggs produce.

Although it is a huge commitment, being an egg donor can be incredibly fulfilling as you are giving a woman the ultimate gift– the chance to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood! For more information on egg donation or if you are interested in being an egg donor or recipient, call us for a consultation today.