While your struggle with infertility is personal and private in nature, it is sometimes difficult to “draw the line” when it comes to sharing information about your fertility issues with family, friends and loved ones.

Because the stress we put on ourselves while trying to conceive can be significant, and since stress has been shown to impact fertility, it’s important to keep unnecessary stress at bay.  Which for many of us means setting some boundaries— early on, about just exactly what type of information and how much information about your personal journey you are comfortable sharing…and with who.

Drawing these more definitive “lines in the sand” can help to significantly reduce your stress levels during the entire fertility treatment process. Also, limiting the type of information you share, especially through social media can help to ensure that you insulate yourself from well meaning people inquiring about your treatment, which may lead to conversations that you may not want to have at a particular time…which (you guessed it) can lead to more stress that those struggling with fertility issues and/or going through fertility treatment, simply don’t need.