Adopt an Embryo

The Donor Embryo Adoption Program at Fertility Treatment Center

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Recipients adopting an embryo is a method for you to achieve pregnancy at a much lower cost than In Vitro Fertilization or Donor Egg IVF, regardless of your age group, ovarian function, or prior attempts to achieve pregnancy. Our program is a cross between adoption and pregnancy, with success rates significantly higher than Traditional IVF, and about the same as with Donor Egg IVF. Specifically, you adopt two or three orphaned embryos which are then transferred into your uterus. If the embryos implant, you then carry the pregnancy and deliver the baby.

Donor embryo adoption has a few major advantages over traditional adoption:

First, it is much less expensive.

In the Phoenix area, we have found typical legal and service fees for traditional adoption average $28,000. International adoption is less expensive, but travel costs bring the fees back to the $25,000-$30,000 range. In contrast, Donor Embryo Adoption is about a third of the cost of traditional adoption, half the cost of standard In Vitro Fertilization, and about a third of the cost of Donor Egg In Vitro Fertilization.


Secondly, you control the pregnancy.

The prenatal history for babies for traditional adoption is usually unknown and unfortunately may include medically adverse events, substance abuse, etc. If you become pregnant from FTC’s Donor Embryo Adoption program, you control prenatal care and hopefully achieve a good outcome for the baby – in other words no smoking, drugs, or alcohol, and obtain good prenatal medical care. Embryos adopted from our program are derived from other couples who have done In Vitro Fertilization or  Donor Egg IVF at Fertility Treatment Center, and therefore have been thoroughly prescreened for basic health including hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, and a large number of other health parameters.


Another advantage of Donor Embryo Adoption

is that the baby’s birth certificate is automatically issued in your name – you delivered the baby! Depending on your philosophy, friends, relatives, and co-workers don’t need to be informed of how you became pregnant.  In fact, some parents don’t even inform the children later in life. There will be plenty of family photographs of you in an obvious state of pregnancy.



families are more secure because there is no possibility of a birthmother legally allowed to retrieve the baby up to one year after Traditional Adoption. Embryos in our program are anonymously donated and legal rights are severed in both directions; embryo donors cannot retrieve the baby and you cannot sue the embryo donors for Paternity/Maternity support.  Records are destroyed seven years after donation in accordance to state law.

Patients who failed to achieve pregnancy or who had suffered miscarriages with In Vitro Fertilization or Donor Egg IVF, or who are in an age group, FSH level, sperm count, or ovarian reserve category with minimal expectation of success with standard fertility therapies, should qualify for our Donor Embryo Adoption program. For more information, please contact Daina ([email protected]) In Vitro Fertilization Coordinator or contact Michella at (480) 889-1215 or ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Craig to cover the details and qualifications of the program. Because these embryos are orphans, the appointment is free of charge.

To maintain the most up-to-date information as well as protect the identity of any donor, our donated embryo profile list is only provided upon request, to active and existing FTC patients. Individual donor/couple profiles are only available in-person and copies are not provided while you are deciding which donated embryo(s) to adopt. This again is to protect the identity of all parties involved.

Dr. Craig and the staff of Fertility Treatment Center wish you the best in achieving your goal.