No “hard sell”

We do not push patients into expensive treatments to boost profits.
Dr. Craig does not push high-tech options such as IVF or Donor Egg onto patients, but instead reviews all low, medium, and high-tech options, and recommends the appropriate level of treatment to maximize the chance of pregnancy at the lowest cost. He works with patients at the treatment level that is most comfortable and affordable for them. In fact, 74% of treatment cycles performed at FTC include ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination (IUI fertility treatment) — low-tech treatments requiring less medication and fewer monitoring appointments with a lower cost.

Additional FTC Features

First Frozen Egg IVF program in Arizona to achieve pregnancy
First in the world: Human morula embryo cryopreservation and pregnancy
Phoenix's first ICSI pregnancy; ARTA International Award recipient
First PGD pregnancy in Arizona achieved by Fertility Treatment Center