Clinical Staff

Daina Green, IVF Coordinator

Daina has worn many hats throughout her career with FTC, as she began working for Dr. Craig over 22 years ago. Daina is Dr. Craig’s IVF Patient Coordinator, Surgery Scheduler, and runs the Precious Wonders donor egg and gestational carrier programs. She is vastly experienced in all facets of infertility, in vitro-fertilization and third party reproduction. Her expertise and kindness insures that all patients receive the best possible care and support.

What her peers have to say, “Daina has a perpetual cheery demeanor and is beloved by the patients at FTC for her deep well of knowledge about every aspect of clinical in vitro fertilization, her optimism for the goals of her patients, and her willingness to go the extra mile to have them achieve their goal of having a baby and building their families.”

Alexis Leon, Medical Assistant

FTC since 2012, Alexis is a Medical Assistant who performs many tasks to achieve optimal patient care. She assists with procedures, scheduling, patient education, and is committed to Dr. Craig’s goal of making the dreams of parenthood a reality for men and women suffering with infertility. At FTC, we believe that the physician, MA, and patient should work together as a team.

What her peers have to say, “Alexis is an amazing person to work with. She is always happy, easy to talk to and has so much patience when dealing with difficult situations. She multi-tasks very well and is an asset to work with.”

Jennifer Milliman, IVF Coordinator

FTC since 2012, Jennifer is an experienced IVF Patient Coordinator, donor egg, donor embryo, and gestational carrier coordinator as well. Her skills as a medical assistant and phlebotomy technician are a tremendous asset to assisting Dr. Craig. Behind the scenes, Jennifer works with the complete range of FTC professionals who support the patient care team. She is an integral and cheerful part of the FTC team. She is also vastly experienced in all facets of infertility, in vitro-fertilization and third party reproduction.

What her peers have to say, “Jen is a very bright, compassionate person who listens to our patient’s needs and concerns and then responds to them confidently. She shows great understanding and empathy to all of her patients. She truly knows the “what, when and how” of the IVF process and is very good at presenting that to the patients and their spouses/significant others. FTC and the FTC team are very lucky to have her as an employee!”

Maggie M., Medical Assistant

Maggie has been with FTC since 2007. She loves people and it truly shows with her compassion toward the patients. As an MA, Maggie plays an extensive roll with patient care. Maggie’s favorite part of her job is the interaction with the patients and when they do become pregnant. She loves helping the patients through the entire process.

What her peers have to say, “Maggie is awesome and will always go the extra mile for her patients. She takes time to explain complex procedures and is helpful, kind, and fast at getting back to patients.”

Tammy Templeton, Medical Assistant to Dr. Craig

Tammy has been with FTC since 2002 and is Dr. Craig’s right hand person. She is one who has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to fertility. Tammy has been in the fertility industry for the past 21 years. With her expertise and compassion for people, the patients receive the best possible care.

What her peers have to say, “Tammy is very compassionate and patient with her patients. She always makes sure they are comfortable with their medical decisions and have a full understanding of the next steps. She treats each patient and co-worker with the utmost care and respect.”

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