The FTC Difference

Compare Courtesy

Patient privacy – FTC is located in a beautiful 320-acre research community, away from nosey neighbors you may encounter at a typical medical strip mall and medical plaza.
Talk to a person – A human being will always answer the phone as early as 7:30 am and during lunch!
We stay open for you – Open weekend mornings year round, every holiday except Christmas Day, and daily appointments as early as 6:45 am
Easy access – Located away from busy intersections to facilitate quick & easy access. Central location also provides easy 15-minute access to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
Soft HSG technique! – 94% of our patients experience little or no cramping. No PCB needed.
24-7 Physician coverage! – We don’t shut down for weekends or vacations.
On-site Acupuncture! – We provide fertility acupuncture onsite so you don’t have to drive.

Compare Convenience

On-site HSG X-ray! – Diagnostic or Post Essure HSG’s performed by our REI providers.
On-site HSG open tubes! – More than 70% of blocked fallopian tubes can be cleared during HSG X-ray.
On-site Surgery Center! – FTC has its own staffed Ambulatory Surgery Center for outpatient procedures.
On-site Hysteroscopy! – Have fibroids, septums, and polyps removed at our Surgery Center.
On-site Endocrine lab! – Our certified lab offers quick turnaround on numerous blood tests.
On-site Coffee Shop! – Get a cup of coffee or a sandwich across the sidewalk.
On-site Clinical Research – Participate in research studies that offer discounted or no-cost fertility medications and fertility services.
In-House donor egg, gestational carrier, and embryo adoption programs.

Compare Competence

Board Certified – Our specialists are board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and OB/GYN.
Excellent Medical Training – Dr. Craig studied at Washington University School of Medicine
Fulltime Embryologist with PhD – Dr. Jun Tao studied at Indiana University School of Medicine
Publications – Drs. Craig and Tao have published numerous professional papers.
Research – Drs. Craig and Tao are committed to advancing the application of research discoveries to clinical care through multidisciplinary collaborations.
Patents & Copyrights – Drs. Craig and Tao hold several innovative and ground breaking patents
Achievements – The first Frozen Egg IVF program in Arizona that achieved pregnancy, First ICSI pregnancy in Phoenix, First testicular biopsy combined with ICSI pregnancy in Phoenix; Recipient of the ARTA (Assisted Reproductive Technology/Andrology) International Award, First pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) pregnancy in Arizona, First human morula embryo cryopreservation and pregnancy in the world!
Phoenix Top Doc – Dr. Craig is the only fertility specialist to have been named “Top Doc” every year since the award’s inception.
National Top Doc – Dr. Craig received “Arizona’s Top Doc” distinction from Consumers Digest.
Clinical Expert – Dr. Craig is an Associate Clinical Professor at University of Arizona College of Medicine and Adjunct Clinical Professor at Northern Arizona College of Health and Human Services.

Compare Financial

No “hard sell” – We do not push our patients into inappropriate treatments to boost our own profits.
No charge for covered labs – You won’t be forced to pay for insurance-covered tests.
No charge basic donor egg labs – We do not charge you for egg donor prescreening labs.
No charge failed donor – We do not charge for repeat low donor egg cycles.
No charge consult – We’re the only clinic that doesn’t charge to evaluate failed IVF cycles.
No hidden fees – We provide affordable transparent treatment packages and discuss expenses at each appointment. You will never receive a surprise invoice for “additional fees.”
Efficient business model – We provide cost efficient fertility therapy increasing the chance of pregnancy while decreasing the cost.
Insurance – We accept major commercial plans including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, HealthNet, Humana, Tricare and UnitedHealthcare to name a few.
Financing – ARC financing program covers the professional services and fertility drugs that you need to get pregnant offering manageable monthly payments.
ARC Refund Guarantee – Returns a portion of money you have spent should you not get pregnant at the end of your fertility care.