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dr. craig phoenix top doc
dr. craig phoenix top doc


Welcome to Fertility Treatment Center

Fertility Treatment Center (“FTC”) is a state-of-the-art infertility treatment and reproductive medicine practice in Tempe, AZ. Founded in 1990, by H. Randall Craig, MD, FACOG, we’re well known among patients and physicians for our extremely high success rates in infertility diagnosis and treatment, and for our caring, compassionate, and personalized approach. We know you want to conceive more than anything in the world and it is our mission to help you reach your dream of pregnancy.

We started our practice twenty-five years ago with one doctor, one nurse, and one simple goal in mind:

To provide our patients with personalized, high-quality and complete infertility care in a compassionate and supportive setting. While infertility treatments have changed over the years, our original commitment to providing you with the best possible care hasn’t, with the expertise of Dr. Jun Tao, our Senior Embryologist, we have been achieving some of the highest IVF and Frozen Embryo Transfer pregnancy rates in the country. Dr. Tao is the only embryologist in Arizona with an MD and PhD degree, and he utilizes his own patented fertility devices to maintain these extremely high success rates, a major advantage of our program. In fact, it’s helped us grow into one of the largest fertility treatment centers in the Southwestern United States, currently with over 30 employees to better serve you. We’ve successfully diagnosed and treated tens of thousands of patients from the greater Phoenix area, across the United States and in countries worldwide.

Our Philosophy

We believe your infertility treatment should be as straightforward, and as uncomplicated as possible. We’ve seen thousands of patients over the years and have found that the most effective infertility treatment is often the simplest solution. Many of our patients have successfully conceived after receiving a minimally invasive solution. Of course, that’s not to say more high-tech treatments and state-of-the-art technology don’t have a place in our practice.

Our physicians, clinicians and laboratory staff are all thoroughly trained in advanced, sub-specialty reproductive techniques including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). We know your fertility challenges are uniquely yours. You can be sure we’ll work hard to find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Our Experience

Our Founder and Medical Director, H. Randall Craig, MD, FACOG, has over 26 years of experience, and is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. FTC’s IVF and Andrology Laboratory Director, Jun Tao, PhD, HCLD, has over 20 years of experience, and is board certified in bioanalysis. Our fertility specialists don’t just practice medicine; they are at the forefront of improving and developing new infertility and reproductive treatments to help people like you conceive. Drs. Craig and Tao publish several scientific papers each year, and Dr. Craig holds 25 medical patents to his name! What’s more, our frozen egg IVF program is the only program in Arizona to have resulted in a pregnancy. In addition to our incredible experience, we’ve worked hard to build solid relationships with fertility programs worldwide, offering you unparalleled access to other fertility solutions.

Our Commitment To Research & Development

We have developed an expert team of physicians and researchers to answer specific questions about new infertility medications by providing our patients with additional treatment options through clinical research trials. Conducting trials in partnership with Physician’s Research Group (“PRG”) provides our patients access to cutting-edge fertility therapies and maintains our position at the forefront of medical research and discovery. Visit our Research section to see current ongoing trials including free PGD, 90% free in vitro fertilization, and more.  Learn More…

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Financial Options

How much does the fertility treatment cost?

Will my insurance cover it?

Will I be able to afford the cost?

These are some of the questions that come to the mind of patients who first learn about their fertility and the cost of treatments. Fertility Treatment Center understands your concerns and has partnered with Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), to provide you with the most affordable options. Read More>

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